Do grab these, before you buckle up for your date with the bottom of the ocean

Surveys about rapidly altering recreational activity preferences among inhabitants amazingly boomed to an unexpected height for Scuba Divers – the lovers of underwater world. The world was never enough for mankind and here he is, exploring the wombs of ocean now; somehow intruding in the world of dolphins, sharks, octopuses and infinite other watery creatures. [...]

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Scuba Diving Live Aboard at Moreton Bay

This is a story about my first Scuba Diving vacation a Live Aboard Trip, and it’s going to be the first of many trips. I loved it!! We arrived at the boat about 9 pm on a Monday night, and loaded all our gear on board. I found a bunk in the “ladies” room – [...]

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Scuba Diving In Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is regarded as one of the world’s most popular scuba diving holiday destination. The Great Barrier Reef is situated off the east coast of Australia and it is the only living organic collective on earth, said to be visible from outer space. This Australian reef is also regarded as one of [...]

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Scuba Diving And Snorkeling Vacation In Hawaii

Millions of vacation tourists visit Hawaii every year. Most of them came to explore the beautiful Hawaiian Islands and volcanoes while some came with the intention to scuba dive in the tropical seas and to explore Hawaii’s magnificent underwater world. According to Rodale’s scuba diver magazine, Hawaii is one of the world’s top ten diving [...]

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Scuba Diving With Sharks In Bahamas

Among the many scuba diving attractions in Little Bahama Bank of the Caribbean Sea, scuba diving with sharks is one of the favorite underwater activities for scuba divers there. Bahamas’ Bull Pit Shark Dive This is a classic shark diving destination and having been scuba dived so frequently for many years. It is because of [...]

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Planning A Scuba Diving Trip

In a day and age where vacations are frequently built around sporting hobbies of every kind, it stands to reason that there would be the opportunity to design a scuba diving trip. For scuba enthusiasts, the chance to dive in exotic locations can not be missed. It’s no wonder that the scuba diving trip is [...]

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Maui Underwater Scuba Getaway

When planning your next vacation you may want to consider a fun-filled getaway to the second largest island in Hawaii, Maui. There are so many adventurous, as well as, relaxing things to experience on a Maui vacation that you may never want to go home. One of the most common things to do on your [...]

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Oahu Scuba Diving Vacations

Hawaii’s Oahu have many fascinating scuba diving locations and perhaps the most popular dive site in Oahu is the Hanauma Bay. Hanauma Bay was formed by the erosion of one side of a volcano crater and is very well protected from the trade winds and surf making it a fantastic scuba diving and snorkeling site [...]

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